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n.1.(Chem.) A sweet white crystalline substance, metameric with pyrogallol, and obtained by the decomposition of phloretin, and from certain gums, as catechu, kino, etc. It belongs to the class of phenols. [Called also phloroglucinol.]
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Lignins were detected using acid phloroglucin (Johansen 1940), neutral fats and wax acids were evidenced with Sudan III (Gahan 1984), starch grains with Lugol (Jensen 1962), pectic compounds with ruthenium red (Johansen 1940), and alkaloids with Dragendorff reagent (Johansen 1940).
Cross sections were cut by hand, bleached in commercial sodium hypochlorite and 5% chloral hydrate, stained in 1% safranin; zinc chloride-iodide and phloroglucin microchemical tests were applied for examination of cellulose and lignified fiber walls respectively (D'Ambrogio 1996).