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Dhar said: "This is more common because people have different phobias and it is easier to connect those phobias and make up another one, as opposed to having a single bad experience that would trigger a specific phobia.
When it comes to phobias, it's all about avoidance as a primary means of keeping oneself safe.
Win Free advice on phobias FANCY a chance to a cure a phobia, beat stress, kick an eating habit or simply boost your confidence?
Her business, Inner Potential Therapy and Training, works with people to overcome fears, phobias, anxiety and stress and eliminate habits such as excessive eating, smoking and drinking.
Andy Duncan, alias The Fear Master, is an ex-Royal Marine training instructor who recently launched his Birmingham based business to help people overcome their fears and phobias.
Former Royal Marine training instructor Andy Duncan will be using his skills to combat one of Britain's most common phobias.
The encyclopedia of phobias, fears, and anxieties, 3d ed.
But, back to phobias A fear of balloons is globophobia and an aversion to being tickled with feathers is pteronophobia, not to be confused with pentheraphobia which is, of course, a fear of the mother-in-law.
Dr Economakis said, 'I mostly use hypnotherapy when dealing with phobias.
It will explore the frightening and debilitating world of extreme phobias.
Common phobias include fear of dogs, spiders, birds, being alone, enclosed spaces, blood or the Number 13.
SEATTLE -- The presence of a comorbid anxiety disorder in children with phobias does not interfere with the child's ability to respond to cognitive-behavioral treatment.