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An ancient Ionian Greek city of western Asia Minor on the Aegean Sea in present-day Turkey. It was an important maritime state c. 1000 to 600 bc but declined after falling to the Persians (c. 540).


(Placename) an ancient port in Asia Minor, the northernmost of Ionian cities on the W coast of Asia Minor: an important maritime state (about 1000–600bc)


(foʊˈsi ə)

an ancient seaport in Asia Minor: northernmost of the Ionian cities; later an important maritime state.
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He was acquainted with Greek culture and named one of his concubines, a Greek woman from Phocaea, Aspasiya, after the name of Pericles' mistress.
To offset this misfortune Phocaea, their founding city, was given its freedom by Pompey.
The reference must be to Ampurias, near Gerona, which is at least in Spain, and was, like Marseilles, settled by Greeks from Phocaea. The suggestion that the oracular responses transcribed on p.