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a.1.(Zool.) Pertaining to seals.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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N2's brands include Bareface, phocal Media and The Studio.
The alteration in the fluorescence intensity was monitored by a PTI (MD-5020) dual wavelength spectrofluorometer, by alternative excitation at 340/380 nm (PhoCal, Life Science Resources Ltd., Cambridge, UK).
By this rendering the highway killers were one and many because there was more than one elderly man, and more than one company of travelers murdered near the Phocal crossroads.
(10.) Jeffrey Rusten 1996 offers a detailed analysis of the Phocal crossroads and its likely, pseudo-geographical location in Sophocles's play.
The meeting will also include a new PHocal Point area on the third floor of the Walter E.
Regional photo agency Phocal Media, for example, in April refreshed its flagship ArabianEye collection to include women driving, among other still images and moving videos.
At the time, Phocal managing director Greg Aslangul said: "We've been gathering market feedback for some time, and it became clear from our creative
Stop by the Social Media Desk located in PHocal Point on the 3rd floor/ Ballroom level of the Washington Convention Center for more information.
PHocal Point is the newest central gathering point for APHA Annual Meeting attendees.
PHocal Point the newest central gathering point for APHA Annual Meeting attendees.
New to this year's Annual Meeting is PHocal Point, a central gathering destination for Annual Meeting attendees inside the Washington Convention Center.