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Noun1.Phoenicurus - Old World thrushesPhoenicurus - Old World thrushes      
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Turdidae, Turdidae - thrushes; in some classifications considered a subfamily (Turdinae) of the family Muscicapidae
redstart, redtail - European songbird with a reddish breast and tail; related to Old World robins
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Restoring dry grasslands for the bird species Anthus trivialis, Lullula arborea and Phoenicurus phoenicurus.
Ducula aenea) Kayan kelekuha' white-breasted Southwell (1990) water hen (amauromis phoenicurus javanicus) Bahau kelevuan bunglon Sombroek (1986) Busang kelekidoe' de pop v.
House sparrow 13 Amaurornis Rallidae Dahuk phoenicurus Pennant White-breasted water hen Disease, Symptoms, Serial Formulations, and Number Parts used Administration 1 Shell Infections on leg of cattle.
Contractors working at Centenary Plaza, part of the pounds 300 million Arena Central project, discovered a Black Redstart - Phoenicurus ochruros - nesting on the roof of the Mailbox as they conducted an environmental study of the site.
Correspondingly, the least observed bird species during 2008 to 2009 included Anhinga melanogaste, Circus aeruginosus, Accipiter badius, Aquila nipalensis, Falco tinnunculus, Hydrophasianus chirurgus, Recurvirostra avosetta, Charadrius alexandrinus, Calidris minuta, Tringa stagnatilis, Tringa nebularia, Tringa glareola, Sterna acuticauda, Psittacula eupatria, Eudynamys scolopaceus, Athene brama, Alcedo atthis, Dinopium benghalense, Dendrocopos assimilis, Calandrella brachydactyla, Calandrella raytal, Anthus rufulus, Motacilla cinerea, Pycnonotus leucogenys, Phoenicurus ochruros, Saxicola torquatu, Orthotomus sutorius, Sylvia curruca, Cinnyris asiaticus, Oriolus oriolus, Lanius schach and Dendrocitta vagabunda two individuals in each species, respectively (Ali et al.