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Noun1.Baldr - (Norse mythology) god of light and peace and noted for his beauty and sweet natureBaldr - (Norse mythology) god of light and peace and noted for his beauty and sweet nature; son of Odin and Frigg and husband of Nanna; killed by Hoth
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
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Before 2010, laboratories (including PHOL) used the modified Hodge test for screening; during 2010-2015, laboratories either sent all such isolates to PHOL for confirmation (n = 7) or screened with the modified Hodge test (n = 1), the ROSCO KPC + MBL confirm ID KIT (Rosco Diagnostica, Taastrup, Denmark) (n = 9), or by direct in-house PCR (n = 1) (18).
The successful application of CUSUM methodology in the research project, staff's concerns about the number of false positive warnings from the existing EARS program, and the ability to visualize the SPC methods created an opportunity to develop temporal aberrant event detection methods with improved sensitivity and specificity, using Ontario's reportable infectious disease data from iPHIS and representative laboratory testing data from the PHO Laboratory (PHOL).
Annona squamosa: This species is known by the local name Sita phol and is cultivated in communities in Northeastern India.
Pal has developed sunflower seed agar for rapid laboratory diagnosis and epidemiological investigation of Cryptococcosis (named as Pal's Medium) and PHOL (Pal, Hasegawa, Ono, Lee) Stain and Narayan Stain for morphological studies of fungi and algae.
The company has disclosed the names of its top individual sugar suppliers for the first time, Brazil's Copersucar, Thailand's Mitr Phol and Nigeria's Dangote, and identified Brazil, Mexico and India as its top three national sources of the sweetener.
Similar results were reported by Chumpol Phol pramool et al.
Hyptis affinis Benth.; Mesosphaerum lutescens (Phol ex Benth.) Kuntze; MA 255070 (2 pliegos) fl, fr: [PERU] <<Hyptis / ex Peruvia [V a IX-1790] / Nee iter>> [et.
1812), otro miembro de la tribu Centotheceae (Lersten & Phol 1969, Renvoize 1986).
National Security Council, "Naiyobai kwamankhong haengchat kieo kap jangwat chaidaen" ["National Security Policy for the Southern Border Provinces"], Cabinet Resolution, 24 January 1978, Appendix A in Prakit Prachonpatchanuk, Karn kaekai kaekhai phanha jangwat chaidaen phak tai hai bangkirt phol yang thaworn [Durable Solutions to the Stability Problem of the Southern Border Provinces] (Bangkok: Institute of Army Academics 1989), p.
Premkata, Helahuta 66 Anisomeles Gobura, Ish-langol indica (L.) Labiatae Kuntze 67 Leucas aspera Labiatae Kashta phol, (Willd.) Link Cheton kumar 68 Ocimum Labiatae Tulshi tenuiflorum L.
Juliana Pigatto (I) Mauricio Veloso Brun (I) * Leonardo Jose Gil Bracellos (I) Stella Falkenberg Rausch (I) Virginia Heinze Phol (II) Joao Pedro Scussel Feranti (I) Rogerio Luizari Guedes (II)