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Noun1.Pholis - type genus of the Pholidae: gunnelsPholis - type genus of the Pholidae: gunnels
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Pholidae, family Pholididae, Pholidae - a family of fish of suborder Blennioidea
Pholis gunnellus, rock gunnel, butterfish - slippery scaleless food fish of the northern Atlantic coastal waters
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Application of the comet and micronucleus assays to butterfish (Pholis gunnellus) erythrocytes from the Firth of Forth, Scotland.
Observations on the reproductive ecology of the crescent gunnel, Pholis laeta, from marine inshore waters of southern British Columbia.
AGGREGATING BEHAVIOR AND SPECIES PREFERENCE IN THREE SPECIES OF GUNNEL: Apodichthys flavidus, Apodichthys fucorum and Pholis ornate.
We have used the meal as the unit of measure: prey frequencies are estimated as the proportion of all meals delivered in which the prey was identified as belonging to one of the following categories: Arctic cod Boreogadus saida, capelin Mallotus villosus, sandlance Ammodytes spp., 'zoarcids' (Stichaeus, Eumesogrammus, Leptoclinus, Gymnelus, or Pholis), sculpin (Triglops, Gymnocanthus or Myoxocephalus), invertebrate (squid Gonatus fabricii, shrimp or amphipod Parathemisto).
New York Bight (New Jersey-southern Long Island, N.Y.) Cunner, toadfish, spot, gobies, striped bass, sculpins, juvenile Atlantic cod, juvenile tautog, black sea bass, scup, rock gunnel, Pholis gunnellus; conger eel, American eel, red hake, and northern puffer have been reported on reef habitats in estauries of this area (Briggs, 1975; Auster, 1989; Able et al., 1998).
The use of the shanny Lipophrys pholis for pollution monitoring; A new sentinel species for the northwestern European marine ecosystems.
Seasonal differences were pronounced: 93% and 76% of the saddleback gunnel, Pholis ornata, and L.
snailfish 2 Liparis fucensis Slipskin snailfish 1 Liparis pulchellus Showy snailfish 2 Carangidae Trachurus symmetricus Jack mackerel 15 Bathymasteridae Ronquilis jordani Northern ronquil 1 Pholidae Pholis spp.
Resident species, defined as those present year round on the Eelgrass bed, included Bay Pipefish, Tubesnout, surfperches such as Shiner and Striped Surfperches, and gunnels such as Penpoint Gunnel (Apodichthys flavidus) and Saddleback Gunnel (Pholis ornata).