telephone booth

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telephone booth

A small enclosure containing a public telephone.

tel′ephone booth`

an enclosed booth for a public telephone.
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Noun1.telephone booth - booth for using a telephonetelephone booth - booth for using a telephone    
kiosk, stall, booth, cubicle - small area set off by walls for special use
telefonní kabina
telefonska govorilnica


(ˈtelifəun) noun
(often abbreviated to phone) (foun) an instrument for speaking to someone from a distance, using either an electric current which passes along a wire or radio waves. He spoke to me by telephone / on the telephone; (also adjective) a telephone number/operator.
(often abbreviated to phone (foun) ) verb
1. to (try to) speak to (someone) by means of the telephone. I'll telephone you tomorrow.
2. to send (a message) or ask for (something) by means of the telephone. I'll telephone for a taxi.
3. to reach or make contact with (another place) by means of the telephone. Can one telephone England from Australia?
teˈlephonist (-ˈle-) noun
a person who operates a telephone switchboard in a telephone exchange.
telephone booth, telephone box (also ˈcall-box)
a small room or compartment containing a telephone for public use.
telephone directory
a book containing a list of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all the people with telephones in a particular area. Look them up in the telephone directory.
telephone exchange
a central control through which telephone calls are directed.
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"After selling two phone booths the very first weekend we put our phone booths online, we knew we weren't alone with our frustrations."
One such service that is an issue in our area are phone booths.
Offering all-inclusive rates and full-service amenities including multiple meeting rooms, phone booths, and lounges, Space 530 is the ideal location for a diverse group of companies looking to launch or expand their operations in New York City.
After a 1967 court decision, law enforcement could no longer tap a public pay phone without a search warrant, and with that protection, phone booths became a popular place for criminals to take and receive calls.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 15, 2013-Ruckus Wireless' technology selected to transform phone booths into super fast Wi-Fi hotspots in New Zealand(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
In those days, the telecom department had installed more public phone booths in populated areas.
PrePaid cell phone sales, Direct TV, on premise bill payment and overseas phone booths make this operation extremely attractive.
Anybody who has used telephone booths through the years can talk in detail about phone booths in disrepair.
And you're empowered with a fantastic array of martial arts moves while making full, brutal use of real-world items from circular saws to phone booths, incinerators and refrigerator doors.
Muna Al Hashimi, general manager consumer division, Batelco, said that the operator will be left with some 600 phone booths following the removal of the redundant booths.
Ex-mayor Richard Lewis took a tour of the city's phone booths and kicked up a stink when he said two - in Union Street - were a "health hazard".
It is lined with abandoned public phone booths, once a gathering and chattering point for the city's youth.