telephone booth

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telephone booth

A small enclosure containing a public telephone.

tel′ephone booth`

an enclosed booth for a public telephone.
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Noun1.telephone booth - booth for using a telephonetelephone booth - booth for using a telephone    
kiosk, stall, booth, cubicle - small area set off by walls for special use
telefonní kabina
telefonska govorilnica


(ˈtelifəun) noun
(often abbreviated to phone) (foun) an instrument for speaking to someone from a distance, using either an electric current which passes along a wire or radio waves. He spoke to me by telephone / on the telephone; (also adjective) a telephone number/operator.
(often abbreviated to phone (foun) ) verb
1. to (try to) speak to (someone) by means of the telephone. I'll telephone you tomorrow.
2. to send (a message) or ask for (something) by means of the telephone. I'll telephone for a taxi.
3. to reach or make contact with (another place) by means of the telephone. Can one telephone England from Australia?
teˈlephonist (-ˈle-) noun
a person who operates a telephone switchboard in a telephone exchange.
telephone booth, telephone box (also ˈcall-box)
a small room or compartment containing a telephone for public use.
telephone directory
a book containing a list of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all the people with telephones in a particular area. Look them up in the telephone directory.
telephone exchange
a central control through which telephone calls are directed.
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Residents of Ryde Road, in Roseworth, say there are constantly people hanging around the phonebooth, drug dealers arriving by car and general disturbance - often into the early hours.
3 PHONEBOOTH (2002) A CLAUSTROPHOBIC thriller that sees Farrell pinned down in a phone booth by a shadowy sniper for almost the entire 81-minute running time.
It turned out there was--Bandwidth has more than 340 employees and is a $150 million business with four divisions (inetwork, Phonebooth and Broadband in addition to Republic Wireless).
There's also the weekly dose of drunken eejits that have their 30 seconds of fame with the 24-hour camera and the Republic Of Phonebooth.
She occupies the phonebooth everyday for an hour during which she takes notes and pictures.
A WOMAN was punched to the floor and indecently assaulted outside a Warrington phonebooth.
Indian audiences drawn into a divergent cinematic experience, complete with air-conditioning and popcorn, have foregrounded the recent success of The Matrix, Phonebooth and Spider-Man.
The wife of Westlife's Bryan McFadden said she went weak at the knees whenever she met the Phonebooth star.
Fox spokeswoman Flo Grace said studio executives were examining PhoneBooth to determine if it would be appropriate to release it.
com)-- Customers can do all of their online shopping for phone services when they visit phonebooth.