n.1.The act, art, or process of representing sounds by phonetic signs.
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Taffy and her father have not yet mastered the process Ignatz Gelb called "phonetization" in A Study of Writing (78-79).
Taking a first step toward abstraction, Taffy draws just part of the carp, his mouth, pretending that the rest of him is drawn and asserting (this is the birth of phonetization) that the mouth picture means "ah." Her carp looks like the picture on the left below, until her father adds the feeler that distinguishes the carp from perches and trouts (Taffy's plurals), which makes it look like the drawing in the center.
Instead of creating a uniform canon of Soviet and Russian names, the commission combined local geographical features, prerevolutionary Russian designations, translations, Russian phonetization of Japanese place names, and standard Soviet toponymy.
(i) acronymy: phonetization of a longer expression into a shorter one (-'acronym") through the combination of morphologically unmotivated subsegments of the several words found in the original, larger expression; this gives rise to a phonetic chain similar to a phonological word (m) of the language, since it respects its phonotactic rules and is in accordance with all phonological, morphological, syntactic and semantic conditions (stress, lexical class, thematic class, inflection, gender, meaning, etc.).
This "psychogenesis of written language" distinguishes three main developmentally ordered levels: 1) distinction between drawing and writing--iconic and non-iconic modes of representation; 2) control of qualitative and quantitative variations to regulate the construction of written representation--minimum quantity and internal quality; and 3) phonetization of written representation--children choose letters or words to represent writing (for more details, see Ferreiro, 1988).
Letter names, phonological awareness and the phonetization of writing.
Her findings suggest three levels related to the "phonetization" of written language.