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And it never goes high up, or sharp, or squeaky, or scratchy, like some women's voices when they're mad, or fresh, or excited, till they remind me of a bum phonograph record. Why, your voice, it just goes through me till I'm all trembling--like with the everlastin' cool of it.
In an Ermita antique shop with a notoriously surly owner, I came across small phonograph records that played on what looked like nails at 78 revolutions per minute (rpm).
The bill also overhauls the rules for discovery of electronically stored information, allowing parties to argue that information from some sources is "not reasonably accessible because of undue burden or cost." The bill also slightly modernizes the description of the types of information covered by the rule, deleting a reference to "phonograph records" but now specifying sound recordings and images.
There is, I think, some possibility that immature students will acquire affected mannerisms in their effort to imitate the singing of artists as shown by the phonograph records. I do not anticipate any serious inroads upon the present state of thoughtfulness of the average student of singing by the use of the phonograph.
And how about stamps for your senses: In 1973, Bhutan came out with stamps which were actually phonograph records. These could play its national anthem on record player.
Then there's a game in which groups create their own Golden Record based on the two phonograph records aboard Voyager ; records portraying the diversity of life and culture on Earth.
The Voyager Golden Record " phonograph records (together with a cartridge and a needle) on board the two Voyager spacecrafts launched in 1977 " contains 115 images, musical selections, natural soundscapes and spoken greetings to any extraterrestrials that might pick up the messages.
This story appears in David Sax's book The Revenge of Analog, whose theme is basically "Wait a minute--the whole world's not going completely digital." If you look hard enough, and Sax has, you can find new vinyl phonograph records, photographic film, and other supposedly obsolete technologies that the digital revolution was supposed to have wiped out decades ago.
And, thanks in part to his tremendously popular phonograph records, Caruso was one of the most famous personalities of his day.
200,000 45rpm PHONOGRAPH RECORDS: Turn key operation.
The circulation of pianola rolls and of phonograph records has also been proposed, with the same end in view, and has even been tried experimentally in one or two places.
He especially enjoyed music, amassing a record collection of over 30,000 phonograph records. He was an avid Civil War buff, and owned and read many books on that subject.