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That period was known as the Phony War, because nothing seemed to be happening in Britain.
Summary: The quiet period between the declaration of war in September 1939 and the Nazi blitz against Belgium and France in May 1940 is often referred to as "The Phony War.
I hope everyone who is against this phony war will speak up and write Stephen Harper.
The German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 provoked Britain and France to declare war on Germany; however, the rescue of Poland was impossible, and their heavyweight combat with Germany did not commence for eight months, an interval known as "the Phony War.
The Nazi conquest of Poland had settled into "the phony war," with neither side doing much of anything.
You know that this is a phony war because Saddam Hussein has no connection with the horrors of September 11 and is actually antagonistic to al Qaida.
Everyone knew the phony war would not last, so preparations for war (particularly in England) were started in earnest.
To upstage and camouflage a real war at home the threat of terror is being employed to justify a phony war in Afghanistan.
But once again there was a lull, a kind of phony war.
Presenter Nick Davies will argue for the Class A drug to be decriminalised in Drugs: The Phony War, to be shown in June.
president stages a phony war to shift attention from a personal scandal.