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A structure, such as a film or membrane, consisting of two molecular layers: a phospholipid bilayer.


(Biology) a cell membrane consisting of two layers


(ˈbaɪˌleɪ ər)

a structure composed of two molecular layers, esp. of phospholipids in cellular membranes.
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According to the company, the oleosome's inner structure includes a reservoir of triglycerides and vitamins, surrounded by a phospholipid bilayer and encapsulated by proteins.
In contrast, salmeterol, as a lipophilic molecule, diffuses into the cell membrane phospholipid bilayer and approaches the [beta] receptor laterally.
Our results show that the CPZ is able to cross the erythrocyte membrane, but probably because of its peculiar chemical structure, it intercalates abundantly in the phospholipid bilayer.
It is reported that more planar sterols (campesterol, stigmasterol) have tighter packing in the phospholipid bilayer, and reduce PM permeability to ions and hence improve plant survival under salinity (Douglas, 1985).
The mechanism of action of carvacrol is due to the destabilization of the phospholipid bilayer structure and interaction with membrane enzymes (24,25).