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tr.v. phos·pho·ryl·at·ed, phos·pho·ryl·at·ing, phos·pho·ryl·ates
To add a phosphate group to (an organic molecule).

phos′pho·ryl·a′tion n.
phos′pho·ryl·a′tive adj.
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(Chemistry) the chemical or enzymic introduction into a compound of a phosphoryl group (a trivalent radical of phosphorus and oxygen)
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In spite of being helpful in assessing mitochondrial functional integrity, maximal capacity of oxidative phosphorilation and import of mitochondrial proteins, this method has several limitations:
Blood flow restriction during low-intensity resistance exercise increases S6K1 phosphorilation and muscle protein synthesis.
This decrease in [[PHI].sub.O2] can be explained, in part, as a consequence of an increase in cyclic phosphorylation with respect to non-cyclic phosphorilation under high light (Dubinsky et al., 1986).
Stimulation of multiple mitogenactivated kinase subfamilies by oxaditave stress and phosphorilation of the small heat shock protein, HSP 25/27, in neonatal ventricular myocytes.
Recently, it has been shown that, in vitro in palmitate-treated INS-1 cells, the phosphorilation of Akt and FoxO1 is decreased and the pretreatment with geniposide, a new agonist for GLP-1R, reversed this phenomenon increasing PDX-1 levels [61, 179].
Upon TCR engagement by cognate pMHC complexes, phosphorilation of all three ITAM motifs in the CD3[xi] molecule occurs by the kinases Lck and Fyn [108].
IRP; insulin receptor phosphorilation. IRS; insulin receptor substrate-1.