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A diode that exhibits sensitivity to light, either by varying its electrical resistance like a photoresistor or by generating a electric potential in the manner of a photoelectric cell.


(Electronics) a semiconductor diode, the conductivity of which is controlled by incident illumination


(ˈfoʊ toʊˌdaɪ oʊd)

a photosensitive semiconductor diode.
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Tenders are invited for Supply and installation of analytical hplc system with photo diode array detector all should be fully software controlled
Containing the circuitry needed for these applications in one device, the sensor eliminates the need for additional light barriers and optical alignment of the IR emitter and photo diode.
This LC system incorporates the Nexera X2 photo diode array detector, SPD-M30A, which features high sampling rates up to 200 Hz.
So long as the photo diode is hit by the light of an LD (laser diode), it constantly discharges the capacitor and prevents it from activating the relay.
The Sensors Unlimited InGaAs detector is a linear photo diode array with 512 pixels, optional 1024 pixels, each 25 x 500 urn tall to provide maximum sensitivity.
The scanner features front and back single-line photo diode arrays, (50 ppm simplex and 120 ipm (images per minute) duplex scanning speeds in letter, portrait and 200 dpi binary and JPEG modes, and 100 dpi to 400 dpi resolutions with a 256 level grayscale.
The light measurement uses an exclusive photo diode and color correction filter light sensor.
The hardware detected falling objects through the use of a medium area photo diode (41.
The two companies began integrating their wafer-process and volume-production technologies for laser diode chips, photo diode chips, modulators and hybrid-functioned devices into NTT Electronics' production lines at its plant in Ibaraki Prefecture, they said.
Opticis also designs and manufactures a low capacitance PIN photo diode, with the effect of lower packaging costs by allowing a wider margin in PIN-PD alignment, which in turn also improves signal quality and reduces jitter.
But the IT company's main gig is developing artificial intelligence using a ground-breaking photo diode sensor and neural computer system.