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a.1.Acting by the operation of both light and electricity; - said of apparatus for producing pictures by electric light.
1.Pert. to, or capable of developing, photo-electricity.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They were obsessed with photo-electric cells that could do useful things, like open your curtains.
It has wizzy features such as a photo-electric cell and presumably some automatic watering.
SICK reports it has developed the SureSense family of user-customisable photo-electric sensors - a concept that enables machine builders and plant engineers to specify from a wide-range of sensing options all within a standard technology, set-up, mounting and housing.
It was on that day the Argyle became Wirral's first cinema, with a presentation of Messrs Chard and Company's Vitagraph Living Pictures billed as the 'Photo-Electric Sensation of the Age.'" ."
has received USD 15m of funding led by private investment group Shanda Group, along with Chinese photo-electric component manufacturer Crystal-Optech, the company said.
Wind's no fast buck, Wed, May 27) we should see next year how many are still 'green and keen' as that's when the government intends to increase its investment in off-shore wind farms by reducing the subsidies paid to existing onshore installations and domestic roof top photo-electric arrays and eventually pulling them all together for new ones.
The buildings are to feature 50 per cent "green" roofs and 50 per cent solar energy generating photo-electric panels.
Johnson devoted almost all his eorts to perfecting photo-electric photometry, ultimately leading to the Johnson-Morgan UBV (ultraviolet, blue, and visible) system of stellar observing that is still in use today.
"Silicon production on KazPV project amounted to around 366.5 tons, about 6,300 photo-electric modules were produced with capacity of 1.44 megawatt," the report said.
Additional components, including pre-wired smart driver cards and photo-electric sensors, can be configured for transportation, accumulation, and work-in-process operations without additional controls processors.
Features such as automatic sag control, photo-electric safety curtain, quick cooling of formed product, bubble facility, quick mould changes and a user friendly micro-processor system that assists with fault faulting are also included.