n.1.A photo-engraving produced by any process involving the etching of the plate.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Globally recognized as the grater/blade specialist, Microplane(r) is the original manufacturer to apply photo-etching technology to graters, an innovative process specifically designed to create ultra-sharp cutting edges.
Molsri Key Saaye Taley, Photo-Etching, Aquatint and Open-Bite, 38 x 28 cm
This photo-etching approach to printmaking allows for relatively easy reproduction of certain kinds of images and graphics.
Providing full manufacturing repeatability, Veco Electroformed Parts are well suited for applications requiring parts with greater precision than those fabricated by EDM, photo-etching, or micro-stamping.
Lehrer and the firm's executive vice president, Robert Rossi, explained the process used in photo-etching metal parts.
When screen-printing conductors, it is not possible to define features as small as can be done with photo-etching. For this reason, the wiring density of membrane circuits is significantly less than photo-etched polyimide/copper flex circuits.
Combined with advanced, precision, multi-axis machining, sophisticated photo-etching techniques, surface treatments and finishing services, Tecomet offers the optimal process for producing high quality implants at the targeted cost.
HV2, No17b, 1992 Aquatint [umlaut] The John Cage Trust RANDOM Roger Malbert at Baltic with the unconventionally hung art of John Cage DEREU, No11, 1982 Photo-etching [umlaut] The John Cage Trust
PHOTO-ETCHING WORKSHOP - Learn how to incorporate photography into etching, day 1 transfer black & white images onto a plate to create unique and expressive prints.
A series of 21 etchings, the exhibition is based loosely on join-the-dot drawings from children's picture books, copied through photo-etching on to copper plates.

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