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An electronic sensing device used to detect weak electromagnetic radiation, typically light, and amplify its energy via the photoelectric effect.


(General Physics) a device sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, consisting of a photocathode, from which electrons are released by incident photons, and an electron multiplier, which amplifies and produces a detectable pulse of current


(ˌfoʊ təˈmʌl təˌplaɪ ər)

a light detector that amplifies a photon's signal by using a photocathode and a series of electrodes to create a cascade of electrons.
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62 miles) below ground, the observatory has a tank filled with 50,000 tons of ultra-pure water (water with all impurities, both solid and gas, removed from it) which is surrounded by about 13,000 photo-multiplier tubes (extremely sensitive light detectors that work across ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared ranges).
The present paper comprises an experimental investigation into the prediction of the critical flashover voltage of polluted insulators energized with AC voltage using a multi-channel photo-multiplier (MCP) and high speed camera to observe the behavior of ac arc on electrolytic surface.
The UV-3600 UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer is equipped with three detectors: a photo-multiplier tube (PMT) for the UV-Vis region, and InGaAs and PbS detectors for the NIR region.
Once a desired cell is detected using a photo-multiplier tube detector, the cell is diverted via downstream individual high-speed valves to a separate channel for collection.
The voltage of the photo-multiplier tube (PMT) for the fluorescence channel was kept the same for the cell measurements as for MESF microbead measurements in both instruments.
Totsuka says this experiment can be restarted, perhaps within a year, using only about half of Super-Kamiokande's full complement of photo-multiplier tubes.