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Of or relating to a substance or object whose color changes on exposure to light: photochromatic glasses that darken in sunlight.

pho′to·chro′mism (-krō′mĭz′əm) n.
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- - By smart glass technology segments (SPD, electrochromic, PDLC, thermochromic, photochromatic)
Black Gold's Pro sight features first-, second- and third-axis adjustability, Skycoil technology for super-bright pins and the company's patented Photochromatic shell, which automatically darkens pins on sunny days by blocking UV light.
The clear buttons were made with photochromatic lenses called SunSensors-MR-8.
Rounding out the Assault is Black Gold's Skycoil Technology to deliver 20% brighter pins, a PhotoChromatic shell to ensure the ideal brightness regardless of the time of day, interchangeable fluorescent sight ring, and Black Gold's impeccable "you break it, they replace it" unconditional guarantee.
Gonzalez, "Novel syntheses of spiropyran photochromatic compounds using ultrasound," Synthetic Communications, vol.
The PhotoChromatic shell reportedly is 80 percent tougher than on earlier models and turns color more quickly, so the pins are always just the right brightness.
I chose photochromatic lenses so I'd only need one set of glasses.
Fluorescent, pearlescent, photochromatic, and granite (speckled) specialty pigments.
I don't understand the risks of computer screens when compared to daylight, if VDUs are emitting significant UV why do photochromatic lenses not react to them?
You get a lot for your cash, including a sculpted race–fit frame, semi–mirror finish, moulded nose piece and photochromatic lenses.
Reactions (+PS49) Photochromatic lenses adapt to light conditions, giving you comfortable vision in bright light and shade.