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A diode that exhibits sensitivity to light, either by varying its electrical resistance like a photoresistor or by generating a electric potential in the manner of a photoelectric cell.


(Electronics) a semiconductor diode, the conductivity of which is controlled by incident illumination


(ˈfoʊ toʊˌdaɪ oʊd)

a photosensitive semiconductor diode.
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These new photodiodes can be soldered without damage for one year after the dry packaging is opened to the air-assuming, of course, that the components are stored at a temperature of [less than or equal to] 30[degrees]C and 60 percent humidity.
The custom detectors can be made from any of the following Marktech product lines: silicon photovoltaic or photoconductive photodiodes, avalanche photodiodes, phototransistors, or InGaAs PIN photodiodes.
This technical guide describes infrared focal plane arrays (IRFPA) of photodiodes made from ternary II-VI alloy HgCdTe and the binary III-V alloy InSb, defining relevant dark current components for metallurgical photodiodes and barrier layer photoconductors and calculating the physical sources of shot noise and 1/f noise in infrared semiconductor structures.
These photodiodes detect energy from extreme ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths of 1 nm to 1000 nm.
The stage to place the specimen in the light box is not fixed and can be adjusted to enable and ensures the intensity reflected to the photodiodes can be adjusted for various test specimen.
On the solar panel, two photodiodes are kept perpendicular to the plane of the panel and the photodiode output is fed to the microcontroller (MCU).
The photodiodes feature a large (10 mm x 10 mm square) active area with room-temperature operation and a small detector footprint.
To achieve linearity optocoupler is needed to compensate for photodiodes nonlinearity and the photodiodes threshold voltage.
The ODD-470W is the first in a series of three new selective wavelength photodiodes being introduced by Opto Diode.
The sensor uses an array of photodiodes with a computer generated shading pattern to measure incident solar radiation.
They are available in a range of optoelectronic technologies, including LEDs, VCSELs, photodiode arrays, phototransistor arrays, photodiodes, and assemblies in both reflective and interrupter-style packages.
The need for a large solid-angle gammaray detector that can operate in a strong magnetic field and at low temperature has led us to consider scintillating crystals in conjunction with avalanche photodiodes.