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A light-producing organ that is found especially in marine fishes and that generates light either from intrinsic biochemical reactions or from symbiotic luminescent bacteria.
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(Zoology) zoology any light-producing organ in animals, esp in certain fishes
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(ˈfoʊ təˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr)

a luminous organ of certain fishes and crustaceans.
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The two species differ in the number of vertebrae and light-producing photophores that cover a large part of their body. 
No eye or intestinal photophores are present in squid paralarvae, until becoming juveniles between 12 and 140 mm ML (Rosa et al.
Bristlemouths share the signature characteristics of many twilight-zone fish: large eyes adapted to the dark, luminous photophores, a gaping, tooth-filled jaw--and a name that sparks the imagination.
The belly of a hatchetfish contains light organs or photophores. Many animals down in the twilight zone make their own light through a chemical reaction inside photophores of various shapes, sizes and arrangements.
On their underside, the sharks have distinct markings which contain large numbers of light producing photophores. Other photophores can be found to a lesser extent in other parts of the shark as well.
Les luminaires, en suspension ou en pied de lampe, pour le salon moderne ou le salon marocain, pour la chambre a coucher ou dans une entree de maison, sont tres a la mode, les photophores artisanaux, bougie ou bougeoir oriental et moderne aussi.
Caption: The dots that line the underside of the midshipman fish are photophores, organs that produce light and are reminiscent of the rows of buttons on a sailor's uniform.
It also had a different number and distribution of photophores, which are the tiny cup-shaped organs that give lanternsharks the ability to glow.
And that mouth is surrounded by photophores, little phosphorescent lures that make the plankton think they are headed for Bright Lights, Big City when in fact they are going down the hatch.
Scales associated to bioluminescence have evolved in some mesopelagic sharks, enabling the skin to carry photophores and permitting light to pass between them (Reif, 1985b).
Previous research had found that the shark has light-producing cells called photophores in its belly, and it uses this light to camouflage itself.