n.1.Any print made by a photomechanical process.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Thomson first met Apple at Jacobsen's Typesetters when he wanted to use their cameras--'the only way he could get type that was bigger than lettraset was to photoprint it, or set it on cameras ...
SAi Flexi Cloud and SAi PhotoPRINT Cloud install locally to the user's computer, but deliver added value through the Cloud, thereby bringing Internet-based capability and added-value functionality to SAi's best-known brands.
Alternatively, simply dress up a chair with a photoprint Pine Forest cushion, PS80, Nordic Elements, or liven up corners with a quirky black tree-shaped hat stand, PS20, Tiger Stores.
Most racegoers, including course commentator Tony Ennis, believed Hallstatt had prevailed, but the photoprint showed that Joe Fanning's mount Gunslinger had won by a nose.
The photoprint is a compilation of all photos uploaded and not deleted by the user, along with those uploaded by another individual and featuring a tag of the user of interest.
Those on smaller budgets can get the look with Superdrug's Girl Photoprint tote bag, pounds 4.99.
CAN anyone help me complete the official Premier Division photoprint album from season 1997-98?
Notwithstanding such chaos (and the fact that further manuscripts and photostats were liberally distributed among several other locations, including the Quality Photoprint Studio in New York City), Kirkpatrick's work was temporarily publishable in 1960, in the intentionally impermanent but much loved (and in my case much thumbed) Temporary Mimeographed Catalogue cited above.