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A resistor, used in certain photoelectric cells, whose resistance varies as a function of the intensity of light it is exposed to. Also called photocell.
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Components for a recording from a single flight mill include two 100-Ohm 1/2-Watt resistors, a coil of wire, 1 LED bulb, a photoresistor (light-dependent resistor), and a 1.
The toothbrush switches and the photoresistor value data are read here.
Sumitomo established an advanced materials section that dealt in electronic materials, and tried to strengthen the photoresistor business for semiconductors in 1991.
This variable beam was then caught by a photoresistor (Vactec VT 732E 77 29, EG & G Vactec, 200 Orchard Ridge Drive, Suit 100, Gaithersburg, MD 20 878, USA) mounted within a plastic black cylinder (25 mm long).