a.1.(Optics) Of certain achromatic lenses, having the same focus for the actinic and for the brightest of the visual rays.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"There was a job as a purchasing manager for photographic supplier Leeds Photovisual.".
five types of literacy: (a) photovisual literacy; (b) reproduction
Alison Marchant has an MA from the Slade School of Art and is now senior lecturer of PhotoVisual at Cardiff School of Fine Art.
ESSEX-Benfleet: Elegant Photography 01268 757246, Chelmsford: Roxwell Studio 01245 248370, Clacton on Sea: Alex Bareham Photography 01255 429888, Harwich: Orwell Photography 01255 503772, Langdon Hill: Photography by Ken Crabbe 01268 413861, Rainham: Chase Studios 01 708 630166, Rayleigh: Focal Images 01268 784828, Romford: Ron Prince Photographers 01708 724561, Westcliff on Sea: Photovisual 01702 348296.
The Lumicon company of Livermore, California, introduced a photovisual nebula filter in 1979.
The chart above right gives the photovisual magnitudes of the comparison stars I use.
I am grateful to Vitaly Remizov (Director) and Natalia Kalinina (Head of the Manuscript and PhotoVisuals Division) for permission to use the image from a photocopy of the plan.