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Noun1.Phrynosoma - horned lizardsPhrynosoma - horned lizards      
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
horned lizard, horned toad, horny frog - insectivorous lizard with hornlike spines on the head and spiny scales on the body; of western North America
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PIT chips are widely applied in the study of wildlife, notably including hatchling Texas Horned Lizards Phrynosoma cornutum with snout-vent lengths as short as 20 mm (Henke 2008).
Other reptile species in the study area include Gambelia wislizenii, Coleonyx brevis, Phrynosoma cornutum, Apsidoscelis marmorata, Uta stansburiana, Masticophis flagellum, Rhynochelius lecontei, Pituophis catenifer, Thamnophis marcianus, and Crotalus scutulatus.
The Coast Lizard, Phrynosoma coronatum, was presumed to be threatened by habitat destruction due to human activities.
Uber neue Saurier (Spasriodactylus, Anolis, Phrynosoma, Tropidolepisma, Lygosoma, Ophioscincus) aus Centralamerica, Mexico und Aus tralien.
Choosing between a rock and a hard place: camouflage in the round-tailed horned lizard Phrynosoma modestum.
Geographical variation in Phrynosoma orbiculare (Sauria: Phrynosomatidae): subspecies analysis
torquatus exhibited plantigrady throughout most of the stance and footfall, a similar performance to Phrynosoma platyrhinos (Irschick and Jayne, 1999).
Striking in central row of Figure 6 is the undifferentiated supraocular surface of the horny skull roof of some Phrynosoma, odd genus of the family Phrynosomatidae, exposed in the following Figures.
215) The flat-tailed horned lizard, Phrynosoma mcallii, "is a small lizard with horns on its head and camouflage-like coloring.
Pianka and Parker (1975) summarize reproduction in this species, and observations of mating behavior has been described for other Phrynosoma species (e.
Por otra parte, temperaturas corporales de mas de 30[grados]C han sido reportadas en Phrynosoma douglassi, que vive a elevaciones mayores a los 2000m.
Reproduction in the short horned lizard Phrynosoma douglassi in Arizona.