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 (thăl′ō-sī′ə-nēn′, fthăl′-)
A stable blue-green porphyrin-based organic dye, C32H18N8, or any of several blue-green derivatives containing chelated metals, used in enamels, printing inks, linoleum, and plastics.


(ˌθæləʊˈsaɪəˌniːn; ˌθeɪ-; ˌfθæl-) or


1. (Elements & Compounds) a cyclic blue-green organic pigment. Formula: (C6H4C2N)4N4H4
2. (Elements & Compounds) any of a class of compounds derived by coordination of this compound with a metal atom. They are blue or green pigments used in printing inks, plastics, and enamels
[C20: from phthal- (see phthalein) + cyanine]


(ˌθæl əˈsaɪ əˌnin, -nɪn, ˌfθæl-)

any of a group of blue-green pigments, esp. C32H18N8 (metal-free phthalocyanine), used to make enamels, printing inks, and automotive finishes.
[1930–35; (na)phthal(ene) + -o- + cyanine]
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Due to the advantageous physical properties of phthalocyanines, in this work, a hybrid photo catalytic Ti[O.sub.2]/phthalocyanine system was conceived in which a novel asymmetric phthalocyanine dye was used as sensitizer.
Aqueous dispersion of 50 ml volume containing diluted solution (4 x [10.sup.-7] mol [L.sup.-1]) of phthalocyanine dye 3 and 5 mg of Ti[O.sub.2] was sonicated for 5 minutes.
It is not possible to draw a direct correlation based on the permeability of these dyes in algae as the Cu-containing phthalocyanine dye (T.
Gratzel introduced an infrared-absorbing phthalocyanine dye, which can efficiently capture the half of the solar radiation incident at wavelengths longer than the visible.
Comments: Irgasperse, Jet Cyan RL is a phthalocyanine dye for ultimate fastness in water-based ink jet inks.
Mitsui, which is under-appreciated as a player in the CD media business, was a pioneer (with Kodak) in offering a "gold" phthalocyanine dye recording layer that--independent tests generally confirm--enable a longer archival life than the earlier "green" cyanine dye layers do.
The phthalocyanine dye was prepared as described (2).
According to the announcement, TEAC CD-R media is also manufactured for the highest reflectivity, reliability, and life expectancy, with a "silver on silver" formulation of silver phthalocyanine dye and a silver reflective layer.
According to the company, the dye carries the stability benefits of the phthalocyanine dye with the compatibility benefits of a cyanine dye.
Phthalimide are used as raw materials to manufacturer phthalocyanine dyes which are used as dyes, pigments, photovoltaic, photodynamic therapy, nanoparticle construction and catalyst.
In one example, PS-PMMA resins were blended with PEG and phthalocyanine dyes, and then molded into disks for holographic recording.