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n. pl. ro·tis
See chapati.

[Hindi and Urdu roṭī, ultimately from Prakrit roṭṭa; possibly akin to Prakrit roṁcai, and Sanskrit roṭate, to strike against, both of unknown origin.]
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(ˈrəʊtɪ; ˈrʊtɪ)
(Cookery) (in India and the Caribbean) a type of unleavened bread
[from Hindi: bread]
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Rishi too was all praises for the 'correct phulka' the actor savoured after a while.
Courses to follow included yellow lentil cappuccino served with a phulka cookie and fresh truffle ghee, plus a fun dish called 'life is short eat dessert first', which comprised a gorgeous jalebi chaat with yogurt mousse, potato and chickpea.
In South Asia, wheat is consumed in distinct forms of flat bread including Chapatti, Parotha, Phulka, Puri along with Tandoori Roti.
But if you do an incremental sort of thing and you give this halka phulka touch of something familiar -- I don't know a lounge feel or trance feel or whatever, then it makes it a lot more accessible.
For dinner, curd is a must for him while chapathi or phulka is the other item.
It also includes the Made in Punjab version of French tableside cooking -- live phulka and dal trolleys, a nifty innovation introduced to Delhi's dining scene by Masala Art at Taj Palace.
Often referred to as the real life Forrest Gump, due to his spur of the moment need to run in 1963, the London resident who lives off phulka, dal, green vegetables, yoghurt, milk, water and tea with ginger, has been running ever since, taking in his first marathon aged 89.
It's fun to be young, AAYY!" Other ads that we may recall are 'Tarang' for its dances, 'Omore' advertisement with Pappu enjoying his ice-cream in a colourful setting, Sprite 3G that shows a young boy with a dream to fly, TUC for its bright yellow packaging and catchy taglines "Mujhey TUC TUC key saath chaiye" and "Har Jaga Har Waqt Halka Phulka TUC"; Cocomo, chocolate filled biscuits for the song "Cocomo Mujhay Bhi Do!" and not to mention the hilarious series of Ufone advertisements.
Roti, phulka, or chapati are all different flat breads made of whole wheat flour.
The variety we have is incredible; nn, tandoori roti, paranthas, chapati, puri, phulka, rumali roti, kulcha, bhatura , among others.
Phulka, the lawyer representing the 1984 riot victims said: "He was convicted in not one, but three cases.