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Noun1.Phyllium - type genus of the PhyllidaePhyllium - type genus of the Phyllidae    
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
leaf insect, walking leaf - tropical insect having a flattened leaflike body; common in southern Asia and the East Indies
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The following Phasmatodea species were used: Diapherodes gigantea Gmelin, Eurycantha calcarata Lucas, Extatosoma tiaratum Macleay, Medauroidea extradentata Brunner, and Ramulus nematodes De Haan (Phasmatidae), plus Sipyloideasipylus Westwood (Diapheromeridae), Aretaon asperrimus Redtenbacher (Heteropterygidae), Peruphasma schultei Conle & Hennemann and Anisomorpha buprestoides Stoll (Pseudophasmatidae), and Phyllium siccifolium L (Phylliidae).
and entomologist Orlando Eusebio named the leaf insect, or the "walking leaf" species, Phyllium bonifacioi, in honor of Filipino revolutionary Andres Bonifacio.
These adaptive defenses prevent the leaf insect--also known as Phyllium bioculatum--from being munched on by predators like spiders, ants, and lizards.