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also fi·lo  (fē′lō, fī′-)
A pastry dough layered in very thin sheets that become flaky when baked, used especially in Greek and Middle Eastern dishes.

[Modern Greek phullon, from Greek, leaf; see phyllo-.]


(Cookery) a variant of filo
[C20: from Greek: leaf]


(ˈfi loʊ)

flaky, tissue-thin layers of pastry used in baked desserts and appetizers.
[1945–50; < Modern Greek phýllo(n) literally, leaf; see phyllo-]


a combining form meaning “leaf”: phyllotaxy.
[< Greek, comb. form of phýllon]
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Noun1.phyllo - tissue thin sheets of pastry used especially in Greek dishes
pate feuillete, puff paste - dough used for very light flaky rich pastries
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Chef Ammal's version of bisteeya, an appetizer ($7) of chicken, eggs, onion and crushed almonds flavored with orange blossom water and baked inside a round phyllo pastry crust, was absolutely authentic in every detail save one: Traditionalists would have expected pigeon rather than chicken.
It also includes chicken bastilla, a traditional Moroccan dish with layers of chicken, eggs and crushed almonds in phyllo pastry.
1 (17-ounce) package phyllo pastry, thawed to room temperature
Of course, all of these tributes to good luck need a strong close to seal the deal, such as Fruit and Nut Baklava, with phyllo pastry brushed with olive oil and layered with the lucky ingredients of dried cranberries, nuts and figs.
And for fun, we offer up ''Elvis cups'' -- mini phyllo pastry cups filled with bacon, peanut butter and banana slices.
It is a phyllo pastry stuffed with chicken ( the Moroccans have pigeon meat) that is slow- cooked in a broth of onion, herbs and spices, then shredded, chilled and kept overnight, and finally mixed with eggs and toasted almonds.
The outdoor Zhenski Pazar, or Ladies' Market (Stefan Stambolov Boulevard), and the neo-Renaissance-style and neo-Byzantine Central Hall market hall (25 Knyaginya Maria Luiza Boulevard), built in 1909 on the site of the Serdika fortress are colorful, if chaotic locales (and prime ground for pickpockets) where babushkas hawk everything from pottery to banitsa a a cheesy phyllo pastry eaten for breakfast withA boza, Bulgaria's favorite malt drink.
Dessert was the one time where Baxevanis' modern Greek cookery took a strange turn, teaming candied aubergine with crisp rolls of phyllo pastry and a spiced cream in his rendition of galaktoboureko (Dh30).
CHICKEN SALAD CUPS 3 chicken breasts, with skin and bone 1 tablespoon Cavender's Greek Seasoning 6 cups water cup celery, chopped cup sweet pickle relish cup Miracle Whip salad dressing Phyllo pastry cups Boil chicken and seasoning in water for 1 1/2 hours.
Time for dessert - la surprise Phillips, caramelized apples on phyllo pastry.
The Acacia honey and hints of saffron, for example, really inspired me to create my roasted peach in phyllo pastry," says Pastry Chef Martin Howard.