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(word root) leaf
Examples of words with the root phyllo-: phyllopod


also fi·lo  (fē′lō, fī′-)
A pastry dough layered in very thin sheets that become flaky when baked, used especially in Greek and Middle Eastern dishes.

[Modern Greek phullon, from Greek, leaf; see phyllo-.]


(Cookery) a variant of filo
[C20: from Greek: leaf]


(ˈfi loʊ)

flaky, tissue-thin layers of pastry used in baked desserts and appetizers.
[1945–50; < Modern Greek phýllo(n) literally, leaf; see phyllo-]


a combining form meaning “leaf”: phyllotaxy.
[< Greek, comb. form of phýllon]
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Noun1.phyllo - tissue thin sheets of pastry used especially in Greek dishes
pate feuillete, puff paste - dough used for very light flaky rich pastries
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There were the familiar, like the cigar au fromage, fried cheese sticks with parsley, and the bolder-flavored briouate kefta, cumin-spiced minced meat wrapped in phyllo pastry.
Most versions of kunafa appear indulgent to even the most sweet-toothed, with its ingredients of mild cheese covered with layers of shredded phyllo pastry, soaked in a sugar syrup, but its modern interpreters are making it even more of a treat.
Surprisingly, we had room for desserts and some of the delights included Kunafa, a traditional Lebanese sweet made with semolina and cheese (BD3++) and phyllo pastry filled with pistachio nut just perfect with a double espresso to end the night.
As for desserts, Ariss teaches cooking lovers how to make cheesecake with osmalieh (shredded phyllo pastry).
The Mushroom Phyllo Rolls are a quick and much easier way to use phyllo pastry, rather than folding them into triangles.
Roasted spiced vegetables and cheese encased in a flakey phyllo pastry nest.
Speaking of Europe, there's also the Balkan burek, a homemade phyllo pastry stuffed with tasty morsels such as Bulgarian feta, spinach, potato or mushroom.
Over the centuries, everyone from royalty and state heads to Hollywood stars have enjoyed the traditional delicacies such as Dobos torte (chocolate sponge cake topped with caramel), EsterhEizy torte (walnut sponge with brandy vanilla cream), and my personal favourite, kremes (vanilla cream and phyllo pastry layered cake) handcrafted fresh from the finest ingredients.
3 packages (each package contains 15 cups) phyllo pastry cups
The other must- haves are the black cod with miso glaze and baby bok choy ( a no- brainer if the fish is right and is just gently seared), zesty mushrooms ( shimeji and enoki) and feta cheese wrapped in wafer- thin phyllo pastry sheets, and the gnudi that comes with a delectable spinach cream.
Itas an irresistible marriage of ingredients and textures that most of us humans love: buttery phyllo pastry, nuts, honey and more honey.
The mixture is then wrapped in phyllo pastry and baked.