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Noun1.Phyllocladaceae - a family of Phyllocladaceae
gymnosperm family - a family of gymnosperms
Coniferales, order Coniferales - profusely branching and chiefly evergreen trees and some shrubs having narrow or needlelike leaves
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Contrasted pollen capture mechanism in Phyllocladaceae and certain Podocarpaceae (Coniferales).
At the upper limit of this layer (from 8,900-9,800 ft to 9,800-10,800 ft [2,700-3,000 to 3,000-3,300 m]), depending on exposure) there is another type of cloud forest dominated by species of Phyllocladus (Phyllocladaceae, a small family related to the Podocarpaceae) and species of Xanthomyrtus (Myrtaceae).