Phyllodoce breweri

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Noun1.Phyllodoce breweri - semi-prostrate evergreen herb of western United States
heath - a low evergreen shrub of the family Ericaceae; has small bell-shaped pink or purple flowers
genus Phyllodoce, Phyllodoce - small genus of evergreen Arctic and alpine shrubs
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breweri), unidentified moss (6.6%), Drummond's rush (Juncus drummondii, 4.3%), short hair reedgrass (Calamagrostis breweri, 3.1%), purple mountain heather (Phyllodoce breweri, 2.9%), bluegrass (Poa stebbinsii, P.
Mountain heather (Phyllodoce breweri), a low shrub with small, deep rose bell flowers, grows in rocky but moist places.