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Noun1.Phyllostachys - medium and large bamboos
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
fishpole bamboo, gosan-chiku, hotei-chiku, Phyllostachys aurea - small bamboo of southeastern China having slender culms flexuous when young
black bamboo, kuri-chiku, Phyllostachys nigra - small bamboo having thin green culms turning shining black
giant timber bamboo, ku-chiku, madake, Phyllostachys bambusoides - large bamboo having thick-walled culms; native of China and perhaps Japan; widely grown elsewhere
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And phyllostachys aurea, with its green-gold canes, is a less invasive variety.
Improving the nutritive value of madake bamboo, phyllostachys bambusoides, for ruminants by culturing the white rot fungus Ceriporiopsis subvermispora.
Schumann & Lauterbach Paspalum thunbergii Kunth ex steudel 2 Phyllostachys nidularia Munro 14 Pogonatherum crinitum (Thunberg) Kunth P.
Ren, Antimicrobial Activity of Volatile Oil of Phyllostachys Heterocyla Bamboo Leaves.
Jinan, China Sophora Water PM-200 flavescens planetary mill, Root Retsch, Haan, Germany Magnolia Water AGO-2 officinalis planetary stalk bark activator (Russia) Phyllostachys Alkali AGO-2 edulis solution planetary ball Leaves mill (Novic, Russia) equipped with a water-cooling system Ginkgo Water AGO-2 biloba leaves planetary activator Hibiscus Water AGO-2 high mutabilis L.
A large range of their day to day requirements are met from handicraft equipments for their agriculture and housing needs like baskets, bags, agriculture tools, and a number of similar items are made from bamboos, and most common bamboo species available is Phyllostachys bambusoides.
Identification of endophytic bacteria in Phyllostachys sp.
Decornel Wax Beads from Sasol Performance Chemicals and Phyllostachys Pubescens (Bamboo) Leaf Extract from Organic Bamboo Industries were winning ingredients in the green category.