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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of phylogeny.
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2012), and of global aquaculture importance, can be shunted into a new genus without affording the research community, including other phylogeneticists, the opportunity to reflect upon it and to comment.
More complete basic research on fossil morphology and taxonomic affinity, as well as morphology and anatomy in modern plant groups for context, is required for phylogeneticists to be able to integrate the "known fossil record" for many plant groups into other studies.
The aberrant morphology of the Corixidae (Corixoidea) has puzzled phylogeneticists and hence several different hypotheses have been developed about the place of the Corixidae in the systematics.
Outgroup comparison is by far the method of choice because phylogeneticists tend to have confidence in the supporting assumptions: higher-level relationships are outside the ingroup, equivalent ontogenetic stages are compared, and character state distributions are appropriately surveyed.
For those who need to identify aplacophorans (e.g., ecologists, paleontologists, physiologists, phylogeneticists, and malacologists, including those who are aplacophoran taxonomists), aplacophoran taxonomic publications need as many detailed character descriptions as possible besides soft anatomy.