Physical Feelings

Physical Feelings



  1. The cold struck him like a blow from a fist —Bernard Malamud
  2. Deep down within her she felt as though a fish moved its tail —Sigrid Undset

    This lyrical simile describes the first stirrings of life in a pregnant woman.

  3. Disembodied feeling, like going under an anaesthetic —Gavin Lyall
  4. Feeling … dizzy like someone who’s been bound fast and is suddenly free —Cornell Woolrich
  5. (John sat there open-mouthed,) feeling the nerves of his body twitter like so many sparrows perched upon his spinal column —F.Scott Fitzgerald
  6. (I am beginning to live a little, and) feel less like a sick oyster at low tide —Louisa May Alcott
  7. Feel my ribs and guts flattening together like leaves in a book —Dashiell Hammett
  8. Feels the arch of his eyebrows like drying paste on his forehead —John Updike
  9. Felt a chill like cold water at the roots of my hair —Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  10. Felt a pleasurable languor running through every limb as though all the blood in his body had turned to warm milk —Joseph Conrad
  11. Felt a sudden dizziness, as though, from a mad flight through the clouds and darkness, he had dropped to safety again, and the fall had stunned him —Edith Wharton
  12. Felt giddy, as if I had come to the bottom of a staircase and found one more step than my feet expected —Mary Gordon
  13. Felt his body … settling down like furniture in a house at the end of a hot day —Frank Tuohy
  14. Felt like a half-digested meal eaten in a greasy-spoon joint —Raymond Chandler
  15. Felt like a tree that had been struck by lightning —Richard Lourie
  16. Felt like a Whoopee cushion sat on by a fat person —Peter Benchley
  17. Felt like I’d eaten a pound of cold buttered popcorn and washed it down with bulk saccharin —Sue Grafton
  18. A giddy feeling in his stomach, as though he were on a swing in the middle of its downward arc —John Yount
  19. The great cold struck him like an icy douche —Émile Zola
  20. The ground was shifting under his feet like the trick floors at sideshows —Shirley Ann Grau
  21. Head [of main character] clears like a hazy morning giving way to noon —T. Coraghessan Boyle
  22. Head feels like the inside of a soggy sandwich —François Camoin
  23. His stomach was spinning like a stunting airplane over a cow pasture —Elizabeth Spencer
  24. Joints creak like a stiff shirt —Erich Maria Remarque
  25. Joints … stiff as dry sticks —Gloria Norris
  26. Legs feel stiff, as if they are all bone —Gary Gildner
  27. Legs felt like two old rusted rain gutters —Flannery O’Connor
  28. Leg went to sleep … it feels like a bag of nails —Thomas Williams
  29. (Could feel all her) muscles shrinking like severed vines in the sun —William Faulkner
  30. My belly and behind were heavy as cold iron —Maya Angelou

    See Also: HEAVINESS

  31. My face was sticky all over, like it wanted to sweat but it couldn’t —Lee Smith
  32. My throat was as dry as ginned cotton —Borden Deal

    See Also: DRYNESS

  33. Put my head between my legs and feel the blood rush around like a herd of buffaloes trapped at the edge of a cliff —Tama Janowitz
  34. Savoring the joy of rest as if she had twenty years’ accumulation of weariness to work off —Colette
  35. Shivering fits, like rows of cold wet needles up and down my spine —James Stern

    See Also: TREMBLING

  36. My throat steams like a sewer —Marge Piercy
  37. Stiff all over and felt like a sack of wet, chilly sand —Denis Johnson
  38. The stillness soaked into her like a fine chill rain —Margaret Mitchell
  39. Warmth ran through Bazely’s body like a current of fire —Phyllis Bottome
  40. A wonderful feeling [of relief from pain after an injection] … flowed through him like some wonderful, gently warmed milk —Heinrich Böll
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He goes on to explain that participants will work with analytical thought and physical feelings in different situations, as experienced by the body.
They say their relationship is not incest but "genetic sexual attraction", a term used for relatives with physical feelings for each other after meeting again as adults following estrangement early in life.
They say their relationship is not incest but genetic sexual attraction, a term used for relatives with physical feelings for each other after meeting again following estrangement early in life.
Writing in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers from the University of Turku said such physical feelings might underpin the way we experience emotions.
Soon we allowed ourselves to explore the physical feelings that grew to accompany the relationship.
Students lie in Savasana, the corpse posture, and rotate their awareness through the sounds they hear around them to physical feelings and sensations, then to awareness of their thoughts and feelings, always without becoming attached or hooked into them but simply learning to observe or witness only.
On the flip side, the more women are able to focus on the inner workings of their body (or how their bodies function and feel), rather than how they appear to others, the more likely they are to eat intuitively--responding to physical feelings of hunger and fullness rather than emotions or the mere presence of food.
And the more a woman appreciates her body, the more likely she is to eat intuitively - responding to physical feelings of hunger and fullness rather than emotions or the mere presence of food.
Whitehead claims that without hybrid physical feelings of God's conceptual feeling of the relevance to it of the given universe, an actual occasion's initial aim would not be sufficiently innovative, unable to achieve anything of value and unable to sustain any value it might inherit.
In Berlin, this genre makes its most significant appearance in Daniel Libeskind's Jewish Museum, where certain spaces--the Garden of Exile, for example--were designed to prompt emotional or physical feelings of anxiety or discomfort in the viewer.
But he was a friend and I had no physical feelings for him.
Educators cannot do a thorough job with the subject of adolescent love unless we are willing to address the powerful physical feelings that are a natural part of the process.