physical entity

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Noun1.physical entity - an entity that has physical existence
entity - that which is perceived or known or inferred to have its own distinct existence (living or nonliving)
thing - a separate and self-contained entity
object, physical object - a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow; "it was full of rackets, balls and other objects"
causal agency, causal agent, cause - any entity that produces an effect or is responsible for events or results
matter - that which has mass and occupies space; "physicists study both the nature of matter and the forces which govern it"
physical process, process - a sustained phenomenon or one marked by gradual changes through a series of states; "events now in process"; "the process of calcification begins later for boys than for girls"
substance - material of a particular kind or constitution; "the immune response recognizes invading substances"
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The word 'site' described the area of land on which the monument was physically located: the physical entity comprised in the monument and the ground on which it stood.
As a metaphysical concept, the occasion does not correspond to the kinds of physical entity that we might encounter in experience.
These should be ingrained through their formative years in a competitive environment so the best of these chess pieces (players) can be amalgamated into a confident cohesive physical entity as they mature.
However much the processes of test and design are automated and simulated we still at come back to that physical entity, the reality that the systems are meant to reflect.
Assuming this, we can consider that every individual thing or physical entity within the field of view of this camera becomes ipso facto a "networked thing", provided it can be recognized and monitored by this software coupled to the camera.
You have a part of it which is inherited--the physical entity which we inherit from our parents, so the genetic system is inherited from what your parents gave you.
We wanted to give people the opportunity to give someone an ebook as a gift for Christmas, as a physical entity.
He said, "Even though your AHS is in many ways a physical entity based in Qatar, there will be no boundaries when it came to its functioning.
In illuminating engineering, however, light is a physical entity radiant illuminating engineering, however, light is a physical entity radiant

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