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n.1.(Zool.) One of the Physoclisti.
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Therefore, the regression described for generic physoclist fishes, TS=20[log.sub.10]L-67.5, where L is fork length (cm) (Foote, 1987), was used as an approximation.
While this type of fishing represents an exciting new frontier, there's a downside to deep fishing for physoclist species -- fish lacking a pneumatic duct between swim-bladder and esophagus.
Black rockfish are a deep dwelling physoclist species (Parker et al., 2008) and experience significant barotrauma when brought to the surface, including severe exophthalmia (Hannah and Matteson, 2007; Hannah et al., 2008).
In physoclists, this can cause overexpansion of the swim bladder and resultant injuries to multiple organs (barotrauma), including severe exophthalmia ("pop-eye").