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n.1.(Bot.) An organic element of a flowering plant; a phyton.
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The direct relationship of leaf appearance rate with tiller density determines the tillering potential for a given genotype, because each leaf formed on the stem represents the emergence of a new phytomer, that is, the generation of new axillary buds.
analysis of phases of elongation and their relationships to phytomer development.
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10, Boots Phytomer Oligomer Silhouette Contouring Enhancer Marine Bath, PS44.
Because darker skin tones have a higher amount of melatonin there is a myth that this protects the skin," says Phytomer skincare specialist Nicola Simmons.
Gramineous species produce tillers, which originate from the axillary buds of the parent shoot at the base of the parent phytomer internode, which is immediately above the node and sheath insertion of the preceding phytomer (EVERS et al.