Pious fraud

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(Ch. Hist.) a fraud contrived and executed to benefit the church or accomplish some good end, upon the theory that the end justified the means.
- Mozley & W.

See also: Fraud

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Godinez is bringing in Brazilian puppet specialists Pia Fraus, the Spanish company Comediants, and, returning from the 2004 event, Marta Carrasco, a dancer and performance artist from Barcelona.
The Brazilian theater group Pia Fraus Teatro of Sao Paulo will stage ``Farsa Quixotesca/The Farce of Quixote,'' a broad satire of the Don Quixote story June 14-16.
Sao Paulo's Pia Fraus and her "new circus" group will perform Navigator, the result of an extended project to turn a Little Havana park pool into a performance site (October 25-28, Manuel Artime Theater, Miami; 305/274-9282).