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also pi·as·tre  (pē-ăs′tər, -ä′stər)
1. A unit of currency equal to 1/100 of the primary unit of currency in Egypt and various other countries of the Middle East.
2. Piece of eight.

[French piastre, from Italian piastra, thin metal plate, from Latin emplastrum, medical dressing; see plaster.]


(pɪˈæstə) or


1. (Currencies) (formerly) the standard monetary unit of South Vietnam, divided into 100 cents
2. (Currencies) a fractional monetary unit of Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, South Sudan, and Syria worth one hundredth of a pound
3. (Currencies) another name for kuruş
4. (Currencies) a rare word for piece of eight
[C17: from French piastre, from Italian piastra d'argento silver plate; related to Italian piastro plaster]
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Noun1.piastre - a fractional monetary unit in Egypt and Lebanon and Sudan and Syriapiastre - a fractional monetary unit in Egypt and Lebanon and Sudan and Syria
fractional monetary unit, subunit - a monetary unit that is valued at a fraction (usually one hundredth) of the basic monetary unit
Egyptian pound, pound - the basic unit of money in Egypt; equal to 100 piasters
Lebanese pound, pound - the basic unit of money in Lebanon; equal to 100 piasters
Sudanese pound, pound - the basic unit of money in the Sudan; equal to 100 piasters
Syrian pound, pound - the basic unit of money in Syria; equal to 100 piasters
2.piastre - 100 kurus equal 1 lira in Turkey
Turkish monetary unit - monetary unit in Turkey
Turkish lira, lira - the basic unit of money in Turkey
asper - 20 aspers equal 1 kurus in Turkey


piaster (US) [pɪˈæstəʳ] Npiastra f
References in classic literature ?
The governor sent me word that my servant should be restored to me upon payment of sixty piastres; and being answered by me that I had not a penny for myself, and therefore could not pay sixty piastres to redeem my servant, he informed me by a renegade Jew, who negotiated the whole affair, that either I must produce the money or receive a hundred blows of the battoon.
As soon as his engagement with the patron of The Young Amelia ended, he would hire a small vessel on his own account -- for in his several voyages he had amassed a hundred piastres -- and under some pretext land at the Island of Monte Cristo.
If the venture was successful the profit would be enormous, there would be a gain of fifty or sixty piastres each for the crew.
When we had finished the rounds, however, he called for remuneration--said he hoped the gentlemen would give him a trifle in the way of a few piastres (equivalent to a few five cent pieces.
From these cases and from these barrels escaped ingots of gold and silver, cascades of piastres and jewels.
A few piastres, properly distributed, help to keep one's memory green.
She is in a gorgeous oriental costume; the black braided locks are twined with innumerable jewels; her dress is covered over with gold piastres.
In addition to that, diesel prices also increased from 235 piastres to EGP3.
Chanmul himself was able to live comfortably thanks to the 600 piastres sent by his family in Cambodia.
Sometimes, I have to lower the price and sell one piece for 75 piastres (less than one pound] lest the pears perish.
The governorate said the white taxi's meters will now start from LE 5 instead of LE 4 for a one kilometer journey, with each subsequent kilometer priced at LE 2, up 25 piastres from the previous rate of LE 1.
Turmel insiste plutot sur le fait que ceux-ci contribuent, tout comme les allocations familiales, au revenu du menage, de sorte que << ne sont pas rares les familles ou il entre cent piastres et plus par semaine >> (45) et qui peuvent donc, en employant << judicieusement >> leur revenu, s'assurer l'aisance et se premunir contre les mauvais jours.