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Noun1.Pica pica - a common magpie of EurasiaPica pica - a common magpie of Eurasia    
magpie - long-tailed black-and-white crow that utters a raucous chattering call
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Exhumation, preservation and custody service of skeletal remains and biological samples from the pica pica trench in the san fernando cemetery in seville.
He will go for just tapas and cheese or just pica pica. That is because he still goes dancing after.
Which bird of the crow family has the Latin name Pica pica? A Magpie B Raven C Blackbird D Jackdaw 8.
Poor maligned Pica pica. The black and white birds of doom, who for all their intelligence, reputedly well-developed vocabulary and general adaptability, will forever unleash in millions a connection to the great Gods of superstition.
Although Plasmodium parasites were not detected in blood smears and tissues collected from the penguins, various blood parasites were recorded in blood smears from wild Eurasian magpies (Pica pica) and carrion crows (Corvus corone) sampled at the same time in the study area.
Which member of the crow family has the Latin name Pica pica? 7.
The signature restaurant, Arola, is in collaboration with two-Michelin Star Chef Sergi Arola, known for his modern, urban Spanish 'pica pica' cuisine.
Summary: Arola, the pica pica Spanish restaurant at the W-Opera, brings a whiff of flamenco to upscale Paris.
Makalot launched its own brands, "pica pica" (for sportswear) and "Pandora's Box" (girls' wear) in 2006 and 2007, but abandoned them after three years because of the high cost of running stores.
Pica Pica cocktail bar, in Westgate Street in the city centre, has created the Diamond Lady cocktail in celebration of the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend.
The magpie pica pica, belonging to the family corvidae along with other members of the crow family, has carnivorous tendencies.
GOING OUT: Pica Pica (www.picapicacardiff.com) is good for tapas and cocktails.