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Noun1.Piciformes - woodpeckers; jacamars; puffbirds; barbets; honey guides; toucans
animal order - the order of animals
Aves, class Aves - (ornithology) the class of birds
piciform bird - any of numerous nonpasserine insectivorous climbing birds usually having strong bills for boring wood
family Picidae, Picidae - woodpeckers
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The families observed there were belonged to Falconiformes (3 spp.), Piciformes contained 2 species belonging to family Picidae.
(1) Like other avian orders (ie, Psittaciformes and Piciformes), the Apodiformes include species with zygodactylous feet: digits II and III point cranially, whereas digits I and IV point caudally.
1.65 % substitutions/site/million years as the mutation rate of the mtDNA cyt-b gene of Piciformes (Weir & Schluter 2008), and the range of 1-4 % (Brito 2005).
Anatomy and evolution of the feeding apparatus in the avian orders Coraciformes and Piciformes. Bulletin of the British Museum Natural History, vol.
Order Passeriformes was dominating with 57% species followed by Anseriformes (7%), Charadriiformes and Accipitriformes (6%) each, Columbiformes (5%), Galliformes and Falconiformes (4%) each, Pelecaniformes (3%), Coraciiformes and Gruiformes (2%) each, and Bucerotiformes, Apodiformes, Caprimulgiformes, Piciformes, Suliformes and Strigiformes (1%) each.
Anatomy and evolution of the feeding apparatus in the avian orders Coraciiformes and Piciformes. Bulletin of the British Museum of Natural History 47: 331-443.
Transmission of subtype H5N1 to poultry populations by this group of resident bird species is more likely than transmission by other resident birds, including those belonging to the Galliformes, Gruiformes, Piciformes, Psittaciformes, and Struthioniformes orders.
A familia Ramphastidae, cujas especies sao popularmente conhecidas como tucanos e aracaris apresentam atualmente trinta e tres especies distribuidas em seis generos (Andigna, Aulachorynchus, Baillonius, Pteroglossus, Ramphastos e Selenidera), e pertence a ordem Piciformes, a qual tambem pertence os pica-paus (familia Picidae).