n.1.One who steals purses, or money from purses.
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wanton." Like the pickpurse Autolycus, that "snapper-up of
Similarly, when he hands over his former companions Cutpurse and Pickpurse to Severity the judge and helps him to tie them up, Nichol Newfangle has a double function: he betrays his friends, thus appearing clearly untrustworthy, but at the same time he is an agent that helps the workings of justice be realised--no matter that he admitted at his entry that Lucifer is his godfather, and it is the devil who taught him "all kinds of sciences."
Satirists mention youths forcing their way through the crowd to get nearer to attractive women and pickpurses managing to sidle away from their victims, but the crowd as a whole is depicted as an inert compacted mass: Dekker, for example, speaks of "Stinkards ...