pidgin English

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Pidgin English

also pidgin English
Any of several pidgins based on English and now spoken mostly on the Pacific islands and in West Africa.

[Alteration of pigeon English, from Pidgin English pigeon, business, perhaps from a Chinese pronunciation of English business.]

pidgin English

(Languages) a pidgin in which one of the languages involved is English


(or Pidg′in) Eng′lish,

1. Chinese Pidgin English.
2. any of various other pidgins with lexicons taken primarily from English, as Bislama and New Guinea Pidgin.
[1820–30; pidgin, pigeon < Chinese Pidgin E: business, affair; orig. uncertain]

pidgin English

nPidgin-English nt

pidgin English

[ˈpɪdʒɪnˈɪŋglɪʃ] npidgin english m inv
References in classic literature ?
Kwaque demanded, who to his beche-de-mer English was already adding pidgin English.
We are looking for males and females between the ages of 21 and 30 who are lively, fluent in Pidgin English and creative.
No Pain Like This Body, No Body Like This Pain' was based on the book by Indo-Caribbean emigre Harold Sonny Ladoo, whose patois or pidgin English fascinated her.
No, no, no more," he blurted out in pidgin English.
This study therefore attempts to explore how Nigerian Pidgin English (NPE) as a language and communication medium is used by the less privileged in Nigerian society as forms of resistance to the inequalities that exists within society with regards to what is considered criminal.
It wasn't clear but among the pidgin English we could make out was "no licence and 500 baht fine".
Jingles and announcements produced by UN Women will be aired at least four times in the course of every episode of the programme, in English, Pidgin English, Hausa and any other local language as deemed appropriate.
We wanted to find ways we can localise it and so we perform with pidgin English, blending it with African rhythms.
The Thai students in Los BaAaAaAeA~o according to their professors, spoke pidgin English, but they were interested and punctual in their studies.
We spoke Igbo, could switch between a Canadian and Nigerian accent mid-sentence, and could understand Pidgin English.
Shipley presents hiplife as being simultaneously global--incorporating the latest fashions in international hip-hop music and culture--and local, through its use of Twi and pidgin English, both lingua francas in southern Ghana and among Ghanaian immigrant communities.
There is Lionel Fogarty, whose postsurrealist poems incorporate words and phrases of his native Murri and pidgin English to create a linguistic portrait of the indigenous Australian conscience.