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Older Lebanese complain that Arabic has been contaminated by English expressions, resulting at worst in a pidgin language that bears little resemblance to what they spoke as youths.
I look forward in the next few years to reading what the most perceptive and learned have written about this, but meanwhile I'll offer some conjectures: Music appears to be like a pidgin language that has been created mainly by adults in the same way they acquire a foreign language--with difficulty and with a biological cap on fluency.
So the Internet, in uniting us, is also making us write differently, in a form of pidgin language which is its own dictionary.
Newman juxtaposes footage of him counting and speaking with that of his parents and caregivers attempting to mimic this pidgin language.
We know that the pidgin language is typically developed in a colonial situation, which usually mixes the linguistic features of the oppressor and the oppressed.