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a.1.Divided into pieces.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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By thy advice the heavy, unread, folio lump, which long had dozed on the dusty shelf, piecemealed into numbers, runs nimbly through the nation.
The building's interior shows how the building was piecemealed together.
Their story came tumbling into focus through the parents' piecemealed retelling.
What I'm seeing is a lot of the tariffs get what I call blustered' out there, and then they get piecemealed' back, he said.
In that prior interview he stated that he'd"piecemealed together a career." "I do still believe that, up to a certain point," Scott said."I think it wasn't until very recently that I really thought of my career on any macro level of the big-picture plan or strategy.
Macleod's The Ecliptic, a "lost modernist classic" published in 1930, narrates what its editor Richard Owens describes as the development of "a single consciousness in twelve parts, each of which corresponds to one of twelve constellations in the Western zodiac." A long poem written on the astrolabed fissures of a piecemealed mind, Macleod's work reflects the modernist concern for fragmented consciousness and the dissolvable, irresolute aspects of personality.
This is especially essential under a continuing resolution when funding is piecemealed to a particular unit.