Pieris brassicae

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Noun1.Pieris brassicae - Old World form of cabbage butterfly
cabbage butterfly - white butterfly whose larvae (cabbageworms) feed on cabbage
genus Pieris, Pieris - type genus of the Pieridae
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From Lepidoptera six species (Pieris brassicae, Anaphaeis aurota, Eurema nicippe, Eurema smilax, Catopsilia pomona and Pieris canidia) belonging to family Pieridae and one species each from Nymphalidae (Vanessa cardui), Erebidae (Callimorpha sp.) and Sphingidae (Macroglossum nycteris) were found to visit B.
Gloyn byw arall sy'n ymwelydd cyson a'r ardd ydi'r iar wen fawr (Pieris brassicae; Large White) neu'r gwyn mawr fel mae hi'n cael ei galw'r dyddiau yma.
Effect of botanical extracts on the biological activity of granulosis virus against Pieris brassicae. Phytoparasitica, 37: 317-322.
Feeding responses by female Pieris brassicae butterflies to carbohydrates and amino acids.
Pieris brassicae (29.46 Percent) was the dominant species followed by Trichoplusia ni (19.28 Percent), Helicoverpa Zea (11.78 Percent), Helicoverpa armigera (11.60 Percent), Spodoptera exigua (6.65 Percent), Psedoplusia includes (5.09 Percent), Spodoptera litura (3.81 Percent), Agrotis ipsilon (4.87 Percent), Plutella xylostella (2.92 Percent), Lymatria dispar (2.24 Percent), Pieris rapae (0.92 Percent), Galleria mellonella (0.71 Percent), Evergestris rimosalis (0.53 Percent) and Menduca sexta (0.14 Percent).
The cabbage crop during its growth period is attacked by a large number of insect pests every year including whitefly (Bemisia tabaci), armyworm (Spodoptera sp.), cabbage looper (Trichoplusia binotalis) and cabbage butterfly (Pieris brassicae) (Shuaib et al., 2007).
Yr un gyntaf welais i oedd yr ir wen fawr (Pieris brassicae; large white).
The photo shows a scale of butterfly wing (Pieris Brassicae) taken on the EVO HD electron microscope at 5 kV acceleration voltage.
Los principales polinizadores de yacon en la zona de evaluacion fueron: Pieris brassicae, Danaus sp., Mellipona cf.
Among the worst-affected crops are cabbages, if the caterpillars which turn into cabbage white butterflies (Pieris brassicae and P.
The large white cabbage butterfly (Pieris brassicae) or the small white butterfly (Pieris rapae The Vapourer Moth Orgyia antiqua, whose caterpillars eat leaves of dahlias, don't mind other 'snacks' either.