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Noun1.Pierre Corneille - French tragic dramatist whose plays treat grand moral themes in elegant verse (1606-1684)Pierre Corneille - French tragic dramatist whose plays treat grand moral themes in elegant verse (1606-1684)
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The author of the "Cid" could not have said "Pierre Corneille" with more pride.
Performing a classic play by Pierre Corneille and a farce of his own, "The Doctor in Love", Moliere was granted the use of salle du Petit-Bourbon near the Louvre, a spacious room appointed for theatrical performances.
Next, a French baroque comedy and its twentieth-century free adaptation are taken into consideration, namely Pierre Corneille's L'Illusion and Tony Kushner's The Illusion.
Pierre Corneille was a noted French figure in which branch of the arts?
Fate will deliver what success I shall attain ..." Three centuries earlier, the Frenchman Pierre Corneille advised in E1 Cid, "Do your duty, and leave the rest to heaven." Since the Age of Pericles, philosophers, playwrights, and generals have never doubted that duty was the central virtue of the professional military man.
Gutwirth (emerita, French and women's studies, West Chester U.) conducts a feminist analysis of gendered aesthetics and politics in Jacque-Louis David's 1784 painting Oath of the Horatii, "a work of crucial significance in French Revolutionary culture." While others have already explored this topic, Gutwirth offers a new approach that builds on their work while also exploring the painting in relation to its classical sources (the subject is taken from Livy and Dionysius) and to the 1640 play Horace, by Pierre Corneille, built on the same classical sources.
Like Ives's hit resuscitation last season of Pierre Corneille's The Liar, this farce may not closely resemble its original, but the added freshness will outweigh any lost Frenchness.
adapted from the play by Pierre Corneille. Reviewed at Rotterdam Film Festival (Spectrum), Jan.
Ellen McClure examines Pierre Corneille's Horace as a veiled critique of George de Scudery's conception of theater.