Pietra dura

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Pi`e´tra du´ra

1.(Fine Arts) Hard and fine stones in general, such as are used for inlay and the like, as distinguished from the softer stones used in building; thus, a Florentine mosaic is a familiar instance of work in pietra dura, though the ground may be soft marble.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The collection also included a lot of pietra dura objects, intagli, cameos, bronzes, and a library that included the Grimani Breviary--now the most important book in the Biblioteca Marciana.
Their naturalism and shape are inspired by the arts of contemporary Europe, wherein the 17th-century representational flower vases had become a distinct theme of Flemish painting and engravings, French and Italian engravings, marquetry and Florentine pietra dura inlays.
BEING Italian, the term "pietra dura" sounds much more exciting than its translation into English: literally "hard rock".
The idea soon spread to Persia and then to India, where perhaps the most impressive piece of decorative stonework was created: the Taj Mahal, decorated inside and out with inlaid pietra dura. The construction left its legacy in the form of Agra's continued decorative stone industry, where pietra dura tourist trinkets sell like hot cakes today.
Magnificent 18th-century pietra dura table top decorated with exotic birds among fruit and flowers and the coat of arms of the noble family who owned it.
The tomb chamber houses the emperor and his bride in highly decorated sarcophagi of marble and pietra dura, fashioned into exquisite floral patterns and calligraphy of Quranic script.
The tour guide told us the marble inlay technology originated in Italy, but was made full use of during construction of the building and later gave birth to a unique handicraft art - Agra Pietra dura. To most visitors, the Taj Mahal is a manifesto of love that the emperor created with the wealth of his empire during its heyday.
I truly cherish our unique collection of what in Italy is called the 'arte musiva' or 'pietra dura' technique.
Meanwhile, his recent exhibition comprised mostly dra4wings, paintings, old photographs, pietra dura pieces, reproductions, ivory miniatures, inlay art and metalwork in brass, bidri and silver.
Influence by Islamic art, Maliha's collection was a tribute to the masterpieces of the Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal empires with the design ethos ranging from the pietra dura mosaics of Mughal architecture to the illuminations that decorate ancient Quranic scripts and opulent particular collection titled the "Three Empires" exhibited successfully in Dubai and Lahore.
Notable works on exhibit are "Cupid with Soap Bubble," by Rembrandt; "Portrait of a Man," by Raphael; "Portrait of Maria de Tassis," by Van Dyck; "Portrait of Clara Serena Rubens" and "Head of a Bearded Man," by Rubens; and the Pietra Dura ornate chest from the workshop of Cosimo di Giovanni Castrucci and Guiliano di Piero Pandolfini.