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1. A pen for pigs.
2. Informal A dirty or very untidy place.


1. (Agriculture) a pen for pigs; sty
2. a dirty or untidy place
Also called: pigsty



1. a pen for keeping pigs.
2. a filthy or flagrantly untidy place.
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Noun1.pigpen - a pen for swinepigpen - a pen for swine      
pen - an enclosure for confining livestock


pig pen [ˈpɪgpɛn] (mainly US) n (= pigsty) → enclos m à cochons
References in classic literature ?
lynde threw him into the pig pen she mite of sold him to mr.
'I even took a loan to expand my pig pen in anticipation of the new piglets.
He then got into rearing small stock, and has also branched into pig farming, developing an impressive modern pig pen and is also developing a facility where other Batswana engaged in small stock will come for lessons and exchanging ideas.
A worker once got cut on the hand in a pig pen in my presence and the pigs aggressively approached him.
Authorities recovered the boy's remains in a pig pen in November 2015.
"At that point they go back to the farm and they live out their life in the pig pen," Brown said.
Nguyen co-founded restaurants such as Milk Box Boba, Pig Pen Delicacy, Wingman Kitchen and Afters Ice Cream.
The farmyard is made up of a stable block, pig pen plus for younger children there is a petting area, and older children may be interested in some of the work of the farm's youth group.
Trixie the dinosaur was introduced to her new pig pen pals at the family farm on Monday night.
The troubled daughter of the local vicar, she then exhibits demonic behaviour of her own - tenderly placing a chick in a pig pen then smiling as it is killed.
Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy and the world's most famous dirty kid, Pig Pen, lit up theater screens with one of the hottest family movies of 2015.
My husband found the runt kicked out of the pig pen by her litter mates.