Pigeon English

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an extraordinary and grotesque dialect, employed in the commercial cities of China, as the medium of communication between foreign merchants and the Chinese. Its base is English, with a mixture of Portuguese and Hindustani.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Uncle Alec told her that Fun See had come out to be educated and could only speak a little pigeon English; so she must be kind to the poor fellow, for he was only a lad, though he looked nearly as old as Mr.
Not At All Nice MY cold caller's ears will need a rest After they have heard my incessant protest I'm rather abrupt and can be rude When disturbing me while I'm eating my food Very few ever call me twice Because they already know I'm not at all nice The English language they seldom command And their pigeon English I struggle to understand If they awaken me from my afternoon snooze Believe me their ears are about to be abused There should be a warning by my phone number Do not disturb or awaken from slumber.
His pigeon English rant was handwritten at the suggestion of his counsellor as he was treated for depression the year before.
Me, Stephen Kelman (Who wrote the bestseller Pigeon English), Alan Johnson and poet Salena Godden were held up as examples of people who had become writers despite our "modest backgrounds".
Pigeon English (11) is a powerful debut which has rightly received much praise as it pictures the hard realities and hazards of life in a London housing estate.